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EMPATH: Which Type Are You?

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Nigel Eru: Empath
Nigel Eru: "Fully embracing my sensitivities and abilities has helped define my existence in this world".

Being an empath is one of the most difficult yet liberating things I've had to understand and manage throughout my life.

I was completely unprepared for the challenges my abilities presented, and it wasn't until I started embracing my gifts that I was able to take control of my sensitivities.

One of the key responsibilities we face as empaths is how we can harness our strengths to nurture and support others.

So what makes you an empath?

What are the different types of empaths? How do they work?

And how does being an empath differ from someone who has empathy?

It's not 'cut and dry' because everyone has a unique set of abilities much in the same way that people have different personalities. How we 'fit in' to the world makes all the difference!


Are You An Empath?

Empaths have an ability to emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually sense and experience what another person, animal or plant is going through. Also, depending on the extent (or integration) of abilities, an empath is able to embody or assimilate the energies, frequencies and vibrations of others in a way that facilitates deeper levels of understanding and wisdom.

"It's important to note that the degree of sensitivity and ability can vary greatly amongst empaths."

It's important to note that the degree of sensitivity and ability can vary greatly amongst empaths. Some empaths are born fully awakened, some are born partially awakened and others are awakened through various types of trauma they encounter in life.

Empaths that embrace and develop their abilities further can learn to work with energies, frequenciesand vibrations across multiple dimensions of time and space. For example, when an empath operates in the physical world or plane of matter they are working intuitively or psychically, and for those that learn to work in the astral plane or the spirit world, they are working mediumistically, as with mediums or seers. These abilities are not restricted to present situations and experiences but can also extend to past and future contexts.

An empath will often experience periods of chronic exhaustion or fatigue where they become overwhelmed by the stimulus of the world, or where they allow their energies to be depleted by others (such as energy vampires or narcissists). This is why regular clearing and cleansing along with implementing and managing clear boundaries will become vital to their survival.

What Is Empathy?

Empathy is an ability to think about, understand and have an awarenesses of others. Many people can show empathic concern or have affinity with others. Empathy is an ability to share in someone else's situation by either drawing from your own experiences or by projecting your own feelings and emotions to fit the person or situation.

Empathetic people don't generally suffer chronic fatigue from showing sympathy or awareness of others. They tend to become annoyed or frustrated in the problems of others.

How Do Empaths Work?

In order to appreciate how an empath works it's important to understand that everything in the universe consists of energy, frequency and vibration. The 'Spirit' runs through everyone and everything which is another way of saying we are all connected.

If you're also able to consider that past, present and future dimensions all exist within the same space then it is much easier to comprehend how access to these realms can be made possible via our sensitivity to them.

".. an empath engages their acute senses in order to integrate and facilitate knowledge and understanding.."

From a spiritual standpoint, an empath engages their acute senses in order to integrate and facilitate knowledge and understanding. Empaths are able to extend their physical senses beyond the normal range of others due to their increased sensitivity.

Consider for a moment how some animals have hearing or vision that extends well beyond the normal range of humans. It is the sensitivity of their physical senses that allows these animals to understand what is happening in their environment. This scenario can applied to empaths in a similar fashion.

An empath has the ability to develop higher intuitive faculties through the development of 'clairs', and it is the 'clairs' which allow them to attune to the energies, frequencies and vibrations around them. For example:

  • Physical sight extends to become Clairvoyance

  • Physical hearing extends to become Clairaudience

  • Physical touch extends to become Clairsentience

  • Physical smell extends to become Clairaroma

  • Physical taste extends to become Clairgustus

  • Intelligence and knowledge extends to become Claircognizance

The easiest of the 'clairs' to develop is Clairsentience. When we look at the body from a sensory perspective it's easy to understand why. Our skin is the largest sensory organ in the body. The skin is also very symbolic of our continuing ability to develop our higher senses because the cells in our body regenerate constantly. We are continually evolving!

6 Types of Empaths:

There are several different types of empaths and each type has a different set of sensitivities and abilities. Many empaths will have one or more of these intuitive faculties, and these may develop and change over time. To determine what type of empath you are, see if you can relate to one or more of the following:

Emotional Empath

If you’re an emotional empath you will have an ability to tune into the emotions, feelings and mental state of others. You will initially feel or sense these emotions and sensations within your own emotional body. Through clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognizance you will be able to connect with others’ emotions and provide guidance and wisdom.

Emotional empaths often have very challenging backgrounds centred around their own emotional needs. Many of their difficulties stem from negative core beliefs connected to self love, trust and self respect which are formed from primary relationships with parents, siblings, partners and friends. Setting clear boundaries with others will become a life long strategy for this type of empath as this will allow them to maintain balance and emotional wellbeing.

If you’re an emotional empath it will be important for you to differentiate your own emotions from those of others as this can lead to you becoming emotionally, mentally and physically drained. You should consider joining a meditation circle or spiritual development group where you’re able to learn and implement grounding, clearing and recharging techniques. In addition to this you should consider professional development in life coaching, counselling, psychology, psychiatry or psychoanalysis as this will enable you to step into a professional environment with greater confidence where you can assist yourself and others.

Physical/Medical Empath

If you’re a physical or medical empath you will be able to sense and feel physical ailments and blockages in other peoples bodies. Many empaths with this unique gift go on to become medical professionals or holistic healers. Through the use of clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognizance a medical empath will be able to tune into the energies of other people’s bodies and intuitively diagnose physical health issues along with recommending a pathway for treatment.

Medical empaths are often very intelligent and have a high aptitude for learning which supports any transition into a medical profession. It is one thing to be able to diagnose health issues but the real application of this ability comes through the healing and treatment of others – this is why training and development plays an important role.

If you’re a medical empath, you should consider education and training related to the health and wellbeing of others. Exploring holistic healing modalities will also provide additional skills and new levels of understanding. It will be important to clear and cleanse your own energies regularly because taking on the physical symptoms of others may lead to health issues. You should also consider stepping into leadership or teaching roles where you’re able to share your knowledge and wisdom with others. A rare gift of this magnitude should be shared with the world.

Intuitive Empath

If you're an intuitive or telepathic empath, you will be able to pick up information from other people by physical proximity. Intuitive empaths are great at detecting if someone is lying to them or if their intentions do not match their words or body language. Through the use of telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognizance an intuitive empath will be able to tune into the energies of others and understand their thoughts, motives and agendas.

There are many career paths open to this type of empath because they are generally gifted with creative abilities that can be applied to most situations. In the metaphysical area they would be well suited to counselling, mediumship, seership or healing type roles where they are in service to others.

If you're an intuitive empath you should consider joining a meditation circle or spiritual development group so you are able to advance and fine tune your abilities. Setting clear boundaries with others, cutting cords regularly and cleansing your auric field will become necessary strategies to maintaining good mental health and wellbeing. If you're also introverted you will need to retreat from the world in order to recharge your batteries.

Environmental Empath

If you're an environmental or Geomantic empath you'll have a strong connection to physical landscapes and spaces. If you find yourself feeling uplifted or deeply saddened by certain places or situations, for no apparent reason, then you may be an environmental empath.

This type of empath will feel a deep connection to particular physical spaces and will be drawn to religious sites or other sacred places like: Stonehenge in England, Machu Picchu in Peru, and Uluru in Australia. You may become inspired to travel and to search out various locations in order to recharge and download information. Through the use of clairvoyance, clairsentience and claircognizance this type of empath will learn to tune into the energies of these areas accessing historical information and past knowledge.

If you're an environmental empath, you will feel more balanced by filling your house with plants, natural furnishings, crystals, incense and essential oils —this will help you create a harmonious atmosphere where you'll be able to recharge. Cleansing and clearing rituals will also become an important aspect to maintaining positive energies in the home and work space. Consider extending your learning and knowledge into areas of ancient civilisations and religious beliefs as this will bring context and understand to the downloads you receive. Also a deep meditative practice will help you build a stronger connection and understanding to the information you receive.

Plant Empath

If you're a plant empath, you'll have green thumbs and possess a unique gift for placing plants in the right spot in your garden. Many plant empaths feel ‘at home’ in nature and often choose to work in parks, gardens or nurseries where they can put their gifts to good use.

If you've chosen a career path that involves plants, then you are most likely a plant empath. Through telepathy, claircognizance and clairsentience a plant empath can sense the needs of plants and determine how best to care for them.

If you're a plant empath, you should consider broadening your plant knowledge by studying or learning about botany, agriculture or plant science. Plant spirit healing could also be an additional area of interest as this would allow you to attune to the spiritual needs of flora and extend your empathic abilities further. Keeping a healthy check on your relationships with others will help you maintain balance and equilibrium. And building a strong connection to animals and birds will support a deeper connection to nature.

Animal Empath:

Nearly all empaths have a strong affinity with animals. The big difference with an animal empath is they are most likely to devote their lives caring for and protecting animals. Through telepathy, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognizance an animal empath will be able to communicate with our animal friends and sense their needs.

If you're an animal empath, you should seriously consider undergoing education and training focused around animal health and wellbeing. There are also several holistic healing modalities that are applicable to animals such as reiki, homeopathy and acupuncture which will enable you to explore your gifts further. Maintaining a healthy balance with non-animal energies or humans will be an important aspect to retaining good mental health and wellbeing. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people and distancing yourself from toxic people and toxic relationships will be key.


About The Author:

Nigel Eru is an identical twin, born as an emotional and intuitive empath with telepathic ability. He has devoted many years to self development and spiritual development in order to come to terms with being an empath and to strengthen his psychic, mediumship and healing abilities. He works as a full time psychic medium and intuitive counsellor in Melbourne, Australia, dedicating his life towards assisting and empowering others. He can be contacted via his website:


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