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via ZOOM

1-Day Workshop via Zoom/Online.

Saturday 29th June; 10AM - 4PM

*Cost A$200; No refunds.

*All proceeds donated to FoodBank Victoria.



The word "scry" literally means "to see" ~ scrying is the perceiving of events separated by distance and time, lying beyond the normal range of our physical senses, using our clairvoyant abilities.

In this 1-day online workshop we'll explore the 2 dimensions of scrying (i) sensory scrying e.g. crystal ball gazing & psychometry (reading objects & photos), and (ii) movement scrying e.g. pendulums & automatic writing.


Whether you are a seasoned professional wanting to expand your clairvoyant abilities, or a beginner wanting to learn the tools of the trade there is something for you. This workshop is open to all levels of ability.

This workshop promotes a framework of safety through the application of Guardians & Protectors, while establishing clear energetic boundaries.


~ Meditation & The Altered State of Consciousness

~ Working is Ritual Safety

~ Discernment Practice.

~ Cleansing, Consecrating & Programming tools

~ Clairvoyance & Clairsentience

~ Crystal Ball Gazing

~ Pendulum Dowsing

~ Automatic Writing

~ Psychometry (reading objects & pictures)


**Natural Crystal Sphere (clear quartz crystal, min. of 60mm/6cms in diameter); Crystal Pendulum, Crystal Ball Stand/Holder; pen & paper.


** If you need to purchase a crystal sphere & holder

I'll be able to offer you wholesale prices from Crystal Universe in Melbourne.

DELIVERY:     Online via ZOOM

DATES:            Saturday 29th June

COST:              *A$200 pp

PAX:                 Limited to 25 Students

LEVEL:             Open to All Levels of Ability

Terms & Conditions Apply.

Confidential medical waiver & consent form

must be completed as part of your enrolment.

No Refunds.

* All proceeds from this workshop will be donated to FoodBank Victoria.

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