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This comprehensive 3-day workshop focuses on

3 major areas of spiritual development and targets the spiritual seeker ~

 ~ Psychic Development:

Absolutely everyone has the potential to develop and strengthen psychic abilities. It's a very natural human capacity to be connected to others in ways that helps us appreciate & understand them.

In this workshop we will awakening and unfolding psychic awareness through the senses, learning how to interpret the information received and translating this into meaningful messages or readings.


 ~ Working With Spirit Guides & Ancestors:

Spirit guides gives us the opportunity to transform our lives, by helping us to work through our trauma and our karma in ways that support our ability to learn and grasp change. They encourage us to look within and discover our authentic self, and they continue inspire us to become the best version of ourselves.

Learn how to apply discernment practices and work in ritual safety by developing a framework for spirit-based communication. Learn how to work in 'conscious relationship' with Spirit guides, ancestors, affinity spirits and ascended masters.

 ~ Spiritual Healing:

Spiritual healing celebrates our connection to source by establishing the link between our own Divine consciousness and that of source via healers and helpful energies in the Spirit world.

In this workshop you will develop a foundation and structure for Spirit-based healing established by the wellness needs of your clients & in collaboration with the Spirit world. Learn how to invoke master healers & affinity spirits on ancestral bloodlines. Work with the healing spirits of plants, animals & minerals. And understand the importance of working in ritual safety.



DAY 1:   Friday 20th October (4pm - 7pm)

                 ~ Welcome to venue

                 ~ Purification ritual & introduction to

                    working in ritual safety

                 ~ Meditation: Healing journey

                 ~ Introduction to working with spirit                                       guides: protectors & guardians

                 ~ Introduction to Discernment Practice

DAY 2:   Saturday 21st October (10am - 7pm)

                 ~ Meditation: sitting in the power

                 ~ Psychic Development: soul blending

                    techniques, telepathy, unfolding                                          clairsentience & clairvoyance abilities

                 ~ Introduction to psychometry                                                 readings including: sand readings,                                     photo & object readings

                 ~ Scrying: Pendulum dowsing/divination

                 ~ Sound bath: gong healing journey                                    & Acutonic healing with Michelle Weller.

DAY 3:   Sunday 22nd October (10am - 4pm)

                 ~ Meditation: Ancestral Journey

                 ~ Introduction to working with Spirit                                       guides: healers, ancestors & affinity                                   spirits & gate keepers.

                 ~ Body scanning techniques & pendulums

                 ~ Introduction to Akashic Records

                 ~ Spiritual Healing: 

                 ~ Working with the healing spirits of                                       plants, animal & minerals

                 ~ Working with ascended masters                                         (aura-soma), deities & affinity spirits

DELIVERY:        Face-to-Face

VENUE:              Soul Barn ~ Clunes,

                               Regional Victoria ~

                               (1.5hrs from Melbourne)


                               (Accom & food not included)

PAX:                     Limited to 18 Students

LEVEL:               Open to all levels & abilities

Terms & Conditions Apply >>

Accomodation Options:

In order to keep costs to a minimum, the accomodation and food expenses have not been included in the price. This allows participants to find a solution that works best for their budget.

Local affordable accomodation options are readily available on application.

Tea/coffee, refreshments & amenities will be provided at the venue.

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